Classroom Valentines for the Creative who aren't Creative

I posted these on Instagram live, and got a lot of feedback- so I thought I'd share on here!

I consider myself an artist that's not artistic. Makes no sense right? I'll explain. I have a passion for the arts. I love all artistry and the talent behind it blows my mind. Although photography is something I really love, I wish I had an art thumb to paint a masterpiece. or draw a portrait, design furniture etc . My brain is constantly juggling ideas, but I can never bring them to life.  So when I have a DIY sort of idea, I improv (and cheat a little).

I'm usually a store bought valentine kind of mom. Although the Disney valentines at the grocery store make me cringe, I'm typically too lazy to put together anything that takes up time I don't have. This year I thought: I'm sick of being ordinary, I want my kid to bring something original to her class. So we created these valentines together, and they turned out so damn cute.

  • I bought the cards at They have a classroom valentine section full of modern cards that are all original artwork from artists across the US.
  •  We typed and printed "Smores by Scout", individually cut them out, and glued them to the bags.
  • Brown bags and mini clothes pins both bought on Amazon. Both eco friendly.
  • And of course buy marshmallows, mini chocolates, and stick a couple graham crackers in there.

That's how simple it was. Took 30 minutes to put them together, and got crafty with my daughter- The creative for the uncreative.

- Lindsay xx