The Amateur "Blogger"

A few weeks ago, I made a new and separate Instagram account specifically for my blog. I was incredibly apprehensive and didn't expose and still haven't exposed it to many people. I was skeptical to do so because of the eye rolls and laughs I knew I would get. All the critics of those who market themselves on social media via fashion, travel or even....wait for it....motherhood. Feeling like others view you as an exploiting narcissist. And honestly, I completely get it, because I know I've felt and said the same. So, after stumbling upon a few interesting opinions and perspectives of social bloggers, it gave me an excuse to be forthcoming as to why I've delved into this blogging journey.

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I always liked to write. As a kid I'd staple sheets of paper together, and write very outrageous, interesting stories. (my parents know why I italicized interesting.) As a teen I wrote a lot of poems, random thoughts, and song lyrics constantly. I never had a deep passion for writing in the sense that I wanted to be a journalist, or an editor. I just liked to free write, in all forms. It was a hobby that helped me connect with my own self.

A year and a half ago I wrote a children's book. It took me over a year to submit it to a publishing house, and I'm still not really sure why. Whether it be the fear of rejection, insecurity, or maybe not feeling the book lived up to my own personal standard. The day I hit submit, it felt..good. Really good. It had me thinking about everything I missed out on in life by not taking chances, or exploring different interests.

While pregnant with Canyon, I had tried to start a blog. However, my head was clouded with the daily stresses that life so delicately delivers, and I couldn't figure out how to juggle it. After I tracked down my OG blog and read my 2 measly posts, I decided to press the restart button and try again.

I started my current blog 5 months ago. It's still in the beginning stages and a work in progress. (Let me tell you I've learned SO much about the difficulty of the web design/coding side of the world.) After talking with a friend about hopefully making it something that can be enjoyable to readers, she advised me to start a separate Instagram account, professionalize the layout, and really dive into the blogging world that way-

So that's what I did. I created a separate account for 2 reasons: 1. I felt highly embarrassed posting "blog type" content on my regular account. I felt as though everyone would have a "what the fuck are you posting" sort of reaction (especially the guys). 2. I wanted it to have that professional look, or in other words: photos that are overly filtered (and I still can't figure out how the hell to achieve the look I want.) I ended up deactivating my other account, and not friending many people due to the potential reaction of others. Achieving the confidence to display this new "blogger side", has been challenging..but I'm getting there.

Just in the last few weeks, I've been so enlightened by certain mom bloggers via Instagram that I relate to.  It's opened my eyes to an entire world that is parallel to my own and that's pretty damn cool.

I've realized we're living in a highly entrepreneurial time with tech advancements and social media platforms. People don't want to work 9-5s and many are starting to figure out their way around that. I still can't seem to balance my time for everything (which is why I only post every few weeks- hopefully I figure it out soon and kick it into high gear)!  I've also realized recently through my own trial and error and personal judgements, that supporting each other is the best way to our individual successes.

My life isn't perfect, and I certainly don't try to portray it that way. However, I do have several interests that I now have a different way of sharing with others. And if that catches one or two pairs of eyes, than I'm all for it.


The Amateur Blogger

xx, Lindsay