Your suit is cute

Wearing 'Evil Twin" Nolan top and bottom 

Today marks June 5th. (WTF is what I was thinking too). As a kid I remember always wanting to be older/bigger/stronger. Always anticipating the next day and the next day after that. To fast forward time, counting down the days to my next birthday. My mom always told me to not wish for time to pass. She always said "one day when you're older, you will wish for the opposite. Time will speed by before your eyes, and all you will want is for time to slow down". Obviously as a child her words didn't exactly resonate, however her wisdom never left me. Fast forward to adulthood, to motherhood, and I finally get it, mom! Every year seems to go by faster than the one before. My kids are rapidly growing and everyone is aging. The clock never stops. It only seems to kick into high gear as the years pass, and you start to savor the little moments.

So to get back to 'I can't believe it's June, and holy hell the year is half way over already', it also means...  we are entering SUMMAAA.

Summer is a favored season of mine, not only because the weather is gorgeous, but I absolutely hate being cold. (And anyone reading this that thinks, "you live in Southern CA, cry baby". It gets cold, ok!) Also, we go to the beach almost every weekend, and it costs ZERO dollars. Kids have a blast, Steve gets to surf, and I get a tan. That's a big fat W.

Since the beach has a dress code of 'half naked', I always like to purchase one or two (or 3 ......) new suits every season. This year I've been a big fan of high waisted bikinis and one pieces. I also love the 80s high cut trend. (Unfortunately I can't pull that style off due to some pretty unflattering tattoos in that area, oh teenage rebellion!) So instead of attempting a string bikini this summer, you will find me plopped on the sand in a one piece. I selected a few styles that look amazing on while also adding comfort.  I have purchased a couple, the rest on my wish list. They fit really well, hold everything in, and cover just enough to have you feeling like Bo Derek in "10".

Side note, obviously quality swim wear is expensive AF. I've cheapened out so many times which results in complete dissatisfaction of the suit and me never wearing it. These looks are a bit pricey but you can't beat the fit and quality. Investing in good swimwear goes a long way!

They are all pretty basic and most solid colors, which I prefer over prints.

Check them out:

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xx, Lindsay