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The other day I found a box of a few random notes from middle school and high school. Love notes from my 7th grade boyfriend and letters from friends that we'd hand off to each other in between classes. It gave me a warm sense of nostalgia, but it also made me feel a bit sad for my kids. Knowing they won't ever experience the way things used to be. (Even in my generation). The simple pleasure of receiving a handwritten note from a friend during 3rd period, instead of a text message that's received from a friend within 3 seconds. The eagerness that would radiate throughout your body from just dropping off your disposable camera at the local drug store, and not knowing the printed end result. Not being able to use a filter or edit app anytime a photograph doesn't live up to our aesthetic standard. Or even wearing a watch to provide the time, instead of hitting your iPhone to have the time automatically displayed.  Although we have entered a tech age, and those simple gratifications will never exist again, we can still check out here and there. Live off the grid for a weekend, and absorb all the natural greatness around us.

So this weekend we decided we were in need of some nature. We threw the kids in the van and ventured out to Indian Flats Campground in Warner Springs. The greatest thing about this campground is it's incredibly remote. There are never more than 2 other groups, and once you make it to the top of the 7 mile trek up the mountain, you will look down at your phone and see the most hated phrase: 'no service'. You have no contact of outside life. No status updates, or Instagram feeds or "glamping" of any kind. Just dirt, a grill and family.

  Once we got to the campground, all devices were put away. The only things we utilized that didn't require a wifi signal, was my camera and my husband's new watch by JORD watches.  JORD recently reached out to collaborate, and I was beyond excited. JORD is an eco lover's modern dream. Their focus is to provide luxurious yet sustainable watches, and have an ethical standard behind all its production.

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JORD watches are premium hand-crafted timepieces constructed of raw wood material ranging from acacia and ebony, to sandalwood and walnut. (and more) The sapphire glass face provides resistance to impact, and is also one the most scratch resistant materials on the planet. They also provide repair service and custom engraving to really make it your own.

When the watch arrived, I was blown away by the presentation, craftsmanship and overall quality of the watch. Even my husband who isn't the biggest 'watch guy', was quick to throw it on. With a modern face, and a natural band, I'm not lying when I say it's honestly one of the coolest watches I've seen in a long time. I'm a sucker for individuality and uniqueness, and JORD has really paved the way for a new era in watches. (It also may or may not be making its way onto my wrist soon...)

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."

- JORD Watches

JORD really stood out to me. Not only because of the artistry behind the designs, and superior quality, but their message is quite special. In a world where time is often overlooked, JORD has a beautiful way of incorporating a stylistic approach to holding on to the moments that matter.

(Shout out to my babe for being my hot model)

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For a last minute or post Father's Day gift, special occasion, or just because you love this watch as much as I do:

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Best part? If you don't win, don't worry. Everyone entered will win $25 to use towards your next JORD purchase.

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xx, Lindsay

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